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Terrigena specializes in the development of high-tech materials, processes and industrial products. It is a wholly-owned subsidiary of World Holdings, a global conglomerate based in New York. The product line includes base and precious metals, catalysts, and energy and performance materials. Terrigena products are found across industries, in construction, pharmaceuticals, life science, electrics and electronics. If you own anything with moving parts, you probably own a Terrigena product!

A firm believer in corporate responsibility, Terrigena holds true to its ethical guide, the Terrigena Path, in all its dealings. It is a committed partner with its sister company, Evergreen Ecological, in line with its dedication to environmental preservation.

Please explore the website to discover more about our various products and services. If you have questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact us.

Terrigena: join us in the sustainable development of Earth's bounty!