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Welcome aboard!

We're very pleased that you've agreed to serve on the Terrigena Globalization Task Force. It's a difficult assignment, but I feel it is work commensurate with your experience. You'll be one of our top strategists, and you'll have plenty of time to come up with actionable plans for acquisitions, joint ventures, or partnerships, based on the targets we’ve already identified. The pressure is on: the Board expects us to announce our final plans by the meeting scheduled in only three weeks.

The links to the right will give you access to all you need for our work together. For a useful summary of the company’s current state, watch the "Terrigena Video." All the pertinent internal documents are contained in the dowloadable archive called "Terrigena Docs." Before you arrive at the Task Force meeting, please familiarize yourself thoroughly with these materials, including "The Terrigena Path," our corporate ethics statement.

The "Global Targets" map provides information on some of our targets partners -- some company names are hyperlinked to additional information, and I invite you to explore. Prepare an analysis and formulate some preliminary recommendations: you'll be asked to stand up during your first Task Force meeting to deliver a two-minute précis of your thoughts, without notes. The download link "Preparation Files" will provide you with tools for use during your session. We will explore them together later, so I recommend that you focus on the content links for now.

Again, thank you for helping out me and your new company in a time of great need. I look forward to meeting you and your colleagues in person after your most interesting time together.


Paul M. Maertens
President, Terrigena Europe